What I eat in a day

What’s that I hear? You’re ready for another WIEIAD? Well, I hope you are ’cause here it is!

To be perfectly honest, I feel rather silly taking photos at work. I mean, it doesn’t help that I put in far too much effort for a simple photo–I’ll be standing over my desk for minutes trying to get a decent angle without casting too much of a shadow. But anyway, here’s the food I ate on a workday! Enjoy xoxo



My mum suggested having granola with stewed apple, and, oh boy, is it delicious. I topped it up with some oat milk otherwise it would’ve been a bit dry. And I devoured this bad boy like there was no tomorrow it was that good.



Nuts again. I have these everyday at work. This time I added in some pistachios too. If you saw a recent faves post you’ll know that I’ve been obsessed with pistachios at the moment, so naturally I’m taking them to work with me everyday!



One of the best purchases I’ve ever made was this vacuum flask. I’ve been taking it to work to have hot food for a change. Last week I had homemade pea soup with a slice of bread. I was so surprised how hot it kept my soup–I even had to blow on it to cool it down! I’ve also been taking noodles to work in this and it does a pretty good job at keeping them hot too. (Disclaimer: not sponsored despite how much of an enthusiastic review I gave it!)



I had some leftover veggies from making ratatouille and I decided to sauté them and have them with brown rice pasta. I was tempted to have them with rice, but it was a work day and so I couldn’t be bothered to wait an extra half hour for dinner to be ready. I saw some kidney beans in the cupboard and chucked them in too for some extra flavour and protein.



There’s nothing better than homegrown fruit and veg. We have a couple of beds of strawberries so I can fill an entire basket each day. But, I’m not complaining, I’d eat just strawberries as a meal if I could, I love ’em that much!


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