What I ate in Glasgow ðŸ´ó §ó ¢ó ³ó £ó ´ó ¿

When you check out Glasgow on Happy Cow, there are so many veggie options that you're spoiled for choice. That also makes it a difficult task to choose where to eat, so we narrowed it down to fully vegan restaurants and food places within a reasonable walking distance for our day near the Exhibition Centre,... Continue Reading →

A trip to Glasgow ðŸ´ó §ó ¢ó ³ó £ó ´ó ¿

I'm a huge fan of Lana del Rey. She was going to do a concert in Glasgow, but, unfortunately, it was cancelled. I'd already booked the train and hotel ... and a day off work, so I couldn't not go; so, instead of a concert trip, it became an explore Glasgow trip. When our train... Continue Reading →

Winter walks ☁️

We went up to Druridge Bay Country Park for a walk around the lake and along the beach. It was peaceful. The weather was kinda dull, but that's what you get for going to the coast in winter! We saw some swans; look at all the babies they have! It started to rain by the... Continue Reading →

Vegan eats in Whitby

It's time for the Whitby food post. I hope you're all excited for it? We started off our visit with a trip to Robertson's. They're the only chip shop that cooks in vegetable oil, so options were limited for chips, but luckily these were very nice. We also had another portion on our last day,... Continue Reading →

A trip to Whitby

My partner and I went to Whitby in September. It didn't rain, so already it was a very good trip. On our first evening, we walked up to Arnold Palmer Putting Course but turns out it's only open at the weekend so we had a walk along the beach instead. They have an endless row... Continue Reading →

A trip to Warkworth Castle

We took advantage of one of the few sunny weekends we've had so far in summer and went to Warkworth Castle. I love visiting old places, it's not even for the history, I just think they look cool! You can go inside the castle and these are some of the pretty views. There are almost... Continue Reading →

Is that a cat I see?

By now we all know I like a good cat post. This is the third and final post about Malta and it's entirely dedicated to the cats I saw there! I hope you enjoy the cuteness! xo These two were lovely. Look at how close they are; they're nuzzling each other; it's too cute!

What I ate in Malta

Welcome to the second Malta blog post! This time it's all about food – what a wonderful treat you're all in for! Breakfast We went half board at the hotel we stayed at so breakfasts were all pretty similar: fruit and jam sandwiches. Food wasn't labelled to state whether or not it was vegan so... Continue Reading →

A trip to Malta

You may have read my packing for a week away to Malta post so perhaps you have already anticipated this post! A week wasn't enough, there are more things I'd like to do and different restaurants to try so I'll most likely be back. Our days consisted of facing my fears of buses and lots of... Continue Reading →

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