Making my own candles

You may remember that my partner bought a candle making kit for me for Christmas. I've now gotten around to trying it out. You get pretty much everything you need to make the candles in the kit. You get 3 glass jars, yet there's enough wax to make 4 candles, and enough pre-tabbed wicks for... Continue Reading →

DIY cat toy

I made some puzzle feeders for Thomas and Tay so that they could have some fun when eating and wouldn't just wolf down a handful of cat biscuits all at once. I think toilet tube puzzle feeders are fairly common and very easy to make, and here's how I made mine. Choose your not sponsored... Continue Reading →

DIY Christmas decorations

Our very festive house currently has 2 Christmas decorations. My plan is to make 2 new decorations each year. They were going to be ones to hang on a tree, but since we don't have one, they're just any sort of festive decoration. I made a very loosely Christmas themed decoration. It's just made out... Continue Reading →

DIY cute air plant planter

Is this even my blog without a plant post every few months? I googled how to plant air plants and the floating ones, of course, looked the most fun. It was a bit fiddly with the wire, but look at how it turned out! It was definitely worth my time! You will need: air plants... Continue Reading →

DIY cork wallet

I made this for my partner's birthday as its predecessor was falling apart ever so slightly: the velcro was no longer velcro-y and the coin compartment no longer closed. I'm surprised he didn't lose any money! Anyway, this one's design is based on that wallet since trifold wallets are pretty hard to come by. This... Continue Reading →

Building a terrarium

An old flour jar; a love for plants. Was there ever an option of not making a terrarium? I've made a terrarium before in an open pot with succulents. This time, I'm getting a little fancier with an enclosed terrarium. I added a layer of compost and sand, dug little holes to put all the plants... Continue Reading →

Repurposing a broken cup

One of my cat cups has a chip in its base (very sad), so I don't want to risk using it for food. And, it's me, so I doubt you're surprised that it's new life's purpose is being used as a plant pot. I had originally planned to plant a cactus but when I was outside... Continue Reading →

Making a succulent terrarium

This pot was found in the garage not getting much use. I do like plants so I thought it'd be perfect for a mini succulent-garden. The pot doesn't have a hole in its base, so I added a layer of stones to act as a drainage well, and some porous fabric, which lets moisture through... Continue Reading →

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