Celebrating mine and my partner’s 6th anniversary! 🎉

My partner and I had our 6th anniversary on Saturday. (Happy anniversary to us!!) We'd both been pretty busy throughout the week so hadn't had a chance to make each other cards. But as it's tradition, we made cards in the morning. They were both inside jokes so it probably wouldn't make sense if I... Continue Reading →

Replacing a rubbish plant with a slightly less rubbish plant

One of my plants hadn't been doing well for weeks. Each morning we'd find more leaves that had fallen off. Then during the day some more would fall off from the cats walking past it and knocking them off. And now all of its leaves have shrivelled up and dropped off. My succulent planter is... Continue Reading →

Reflecting on 2020 ✨

As shocking of a year it's been, it's important to appreciate the good times. I thought I'd share a few good and bad moments and some stuff I'm looking forward to. I'd love to hear what you've been up to this year too! xo The Good We did manage a mini holiday in Glasgow at... Continue Reading →

We adopted 2 cats!!! 💜

The house has felt a bit lonely without any kitties. After moving out, I had wanted to bring Ginger Kitty over, and I'm sure he misses me very much, but since our house is next to a road, we wanted to have indoor cats. We'd been looking to adopt a cat for about a month... Continue Reading →

Conker collecting 🍂

A couple of weeks ago we went conker collecting, just in time as it was coming to the end of conker season. We'd been seeing a few spiders in the house, so, naturally, the purpose of this was to ward off the spiders! The autumnal colours were starting to set in. Leaves are so much... Continue Reading →

Pumpkin carving! 🎃

It's been years since we last carved pumpkins, but maybe it will become a tradition now we're in our own place. We've carved them a bit too early for them to last until Halloween, but as my partner rightly says, they'll look a lot spookier if we keep them on display when they're decaying! I've... Continue Reading →

Meet my front garden 🌼

We'd just cleared leaves from the front after the windy weather we've been having led to quite a collection to pile there, and I wanted to take some photos to share the plants we've started growing. We planted these planters a little bit after moving in and they've certainly flourished. The back planters have 3... Continue Reading →

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