Level up your life with whipped coconut oil

Whipped coconut oil can be used for all your usual coconut oil beauty uses – a deep conditioner, face mask, lip balm, makeup remover, or extra indulgent moisturiser. But, the whipped version is softer, creamier, lighter, fluffier: all the benefits of coconut oil, but in a seriously luxurious form. For me, coconut oil is on... Continue Reading →

How to: no heat natural waves

Curly hair is fun. But curly hair with a curler takes an immense amount of effort which does not equal fun. Does anyone have a constant fear of burning their hair when using heat? I do. It does make abstaining from curling and straightening easier, though, so I'm sure my hair is thanking me. And... Continue Reading →

My current skincare routine

Welcome to a look into my evening pampering sesh aka my skincare routine. I like to do as much as I can to take care of my skin, lest my skin becomes an even more dire state! It takes about 5 minutes extra to, well, just washing, so lazy me enjoys this very much. Body... Continue Reading →

DIY flax seed hair gel

I've been cursed with frizzy hair for as long as I can remember (probably since I started dyeing it, so it seems I only have myself to blame!). Whenever I brush my hair *poof* frizz. And so, I've started to use flax seed hair gel to reduce that frizz (and sort out my loose waves... Continue Reading →

DIY face masks

I've never been one for those peel-off face masks you get at drugstores, but when a face mask is vegan, healthy and natural, I'm the most avid fan! These 3 face masks are really simple to make, each using only 2 common household ingredients. Also, they each provide different, yet equally fantastic benefits. Feel free to... Continue Reading →

My makeup collection and declutter

I'm not much of a makeup person and so my collection currently consists of only 38 items. Despite this, before my first makeup declutter, I had over 100 items! Of course, the majority of which I never used. And so, since I don't use makeup very often I thought that I'd do another purge since there... Continue Reading →

My top 10 coconut oil uses

Coconut oil is incredibly versatile, and so it's perfect for use in many of my day-to-day products. It also has an almost endless list of health benefits and it's not just for eating. It has various other properties, which can improve the health of your mouth, skin and hair. These are some of my favourite ways to... Continue Reading →

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