5 unusual types of meditation you must try!

These are unusual, or quirky (yes, quirky, that's a fun word) types of meditation. Regular mantra or focussing-on-the-breath meditation isn't for everyone so I thought I'd share some more fun and engaging ways you can practise meditation. Laughter Meditation It's precisely what you think: you laugh. You may feel a bit silly at first (or... Continue Reading →

Some more things I no longer buy

This things I no longer buy post has (unintentionally) turned into a beauty related things I no longer buy post. My first post on this topic is well over a year old. But, it's never too late for round 2. Anyhow, I find these posts fun to do: they're a nice way for you to... Continue Reading →

1 top, 3 outfits

Just throwing it out there: this post is rather different to usual. I always admire people who can create many outfits out of a few pieces of clothing. I tend to play it safe and wear the same top with the same trousers each week. And so, I wanted to challenge myself to create a... Continue Reading →

Gift ideas for a minimalist

With the holidays growing closer, I thought it'd be a good time to explore some fabulous present ideas for minimalists. It can be a pretty daunting task to buy gifts for someone who has everything they want. So, hopefully this post will give you some ideas to buy the perfect present for your minimalist friend... Continue Reading →

Jewellery declutter

It's time for another purge! This time I tackled my jewellery collection. Luckily there wasn't too much to sort through after my intensive last declutter (where I got rid of at least 50-100 things). Since I'm not much of a jewellery wearer ('cause I'm too lazy to put it on in the mornings) it made... Continue Reading →

Huge wardrobe declutter

Nine months have passed since I started on my journey towards minimalism. I've simplified most aspects of my life, and I guess you could call this round 2 of decluttering! I hope you enjoy reading about what I've gotten rid of and hopefully it inspires you to do some decluttering of your own! Clothes I've recently... Continue Reading →

Minimalism for your mind

It's easy to find posts about decluttering physical stuff but there's not much about dealing with your mental clutter. And so, I wanted to share with you some tips and tricks I use to de-stress and live a fuller life.

My makeup collection and declutter

I'm not much of a makeup person and so my collection currently consists of only 38 items. Despite this, before my first makeup declutter, I had over 100 items! Of course, the majority of which I never used. And so, since I don't use makeup very often I thought that I'd do another purge since there... Continue Reading →

Quick tips to live more intentionally

For me, minimalism is about being more mindful, living more intentionally and living a simpler and happier life. Since I started my simplicity journey, I am now more conscious of my day-to-day actions and try to act in ways which will benefit people and our planet. These are some simple things to think about if... Continue Reading →

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