Mug muffin recipe

The sponge turns out very soft and light, so it's a great alternative to baking an actual cake, especially since it takes less than 5 minutes! I took this photo on my ancient camera. I never bothered to use it much since it's so old that I thought my phone camera would be just as good... Continue Reading →


Easy cheesy tomato pasta recipe

I've never eaten flowers before, but then I found out you can eat chives' flowers. For some reason, I was surprised that they tasted like chives. I guess I just couldn't comprehend a flower having that flavour! They're not necessary for the dish, but they do make it look pretty cute. Nutritional yeast is the... Continue Reading →

I took some pictures of my cats

Happy New Year, guys! I wish you all the best for a fab year and to commence an amazing year ahead, here are some cute cat photos! I just can't get enough of sharing cat photos with you! I hope you achieve your 2019 goals and have a fantastic year! xo

Nut roast tarts recipe

Oranges seem to be very festive food. But, while I was scrolling through the BBC's Seasonality Table ('cause it's something I like to browse in my free time), I saw that grapefruit is in season. And, sorry oranges, you're not in season until next month. So, a traditional, festive grapefruit meal it must be! Despite the... Continue Reading →

Spinach sausages recipe

After loving the homemade meatballs I recently made, I wanted to make sausages using the same technique of blending pulses. When first making this, I made the terrible mistake of blending the spinach in with the rest of ingredients. You probably already know, but spinach releases a lot of water when blended. So the result?... Continue Reading →

Places to eat in Amsterdam

As promised, here's all the food we ate on our trip to Amsterdam. We planned out all of the places we were going to eat before we went because I just love planning stuff to stop me from worrying (but I still do). Our first meal was a falafel wrap from Cigkoftem in Zaandam. This... Continue Reading →

A trip to Amsterdam

This was my first time visiting Amsterdam; it's a beautiful city. My partner and I had a great time, so I wanted to share a bit of what we did and some of the pretty photos I took. Day 1. We arrived in Zaandam, where our hotel was (Zaan Hotel, if you're interested), late afternoon.... Continue Reading →

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