Pear pancakes recipe

It's not exactly pancake season, but here's a recipe for pear pancakes to make waking up in the morning a treat. Whenever I make these it's always a weekend full of pancakes 'cause as much as I'd like to eat 12 at once, I can't, so I save some batter for the following day. The... Continue Reading →


What I eat in a day

Hello and welcome to another what I eat in a day post! These are meals from a weekend and since there's always more time at the weekend, I made them fresh on the day rather than them being leftovers from meal prepping. But they're all quick and simple meals to make, so they'd be easy... Continue Reading →

Pasta Pomodoro Recipe

Tomato sauce is my go to sauce for pasta. It's simple yet so flavourful. I decided to add lentils to this, 'cause you know how I like my lentils. It also gives it a major protein boost and who doesn't want that? I was adventurous and also made my own pasta. The recipe for that is... Continue Reading →

September favourites

Hello, lovlies! September has just flown by. I never find September a very exciting month; it's the end of summer, back to school/work and there aren't any exciting holidays. Having said that, the last week of September was jam-packed with some pretty cool things, so be prepared for a slightly longer than usual faves post!... Continue Reading →

Beetroot hummus recipe

I've been eating hummus a lot recently–mainly on salad sandwiches 'cause it seems I'm addicted to them. So I thought I'd mix up my sandwiches a bit by adding beetroot to the hummus. You've gotta admit, the colour looks amazing! This hummus recipe is oil free, like my last one, 'cause I still have a... Continue Reading →

Raspberry date bars recipe

These date bars are deliciously sweet and irresistibly gooey. I've been taking them to work for a little snack to keep me going until lunch. They're half-decently healthy too, except for the sugar, but that's from fruit, so it's "good" sugar, right? Flaked almonds would work just as good as the chopped ones, and I... Continue Reading →

Quinoa with hummus salad bowl

I love using vibrant colours to make my meals look incredibly appetising. Because, let's be honest, food that looks good makes you crave it, even when it is healthy! Since I had some leftover hummus from my lunches for the week I decided to mix that into the salad for a lovely creamy texture. I... Continue Reading →

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