Apple and cinnamon chia seed pudding

After having apple and cinnamon pancakes at that veggie café I mentioned in a past faves I've been in the mood for more apple and cinnamon food. I thought that I'd keep with the breakfast theme and decided to make chia seed pudding. This is such an easy breakfast to make (since you make it... Continue Reading →


Easy olive bread recipe

I never knew how much I like olives until I had some olive ciabatta the other week. I still think they're kinda strong on their own, but in bread, they have the perfect balance of flavour. I've made this about four times over the past two weeks, I'm that addicted to it. Then again, that's... Continue Reading →

Chip shop curry sauce recipe

This sauce is based on this recipe. I decided to make it more me by adding lentils–of course. And it turned out really nice. The lentils didn't adjust the flavour too much so it still tastes like curry sauce for chips. They also gave it a bit of bulk which meant that I didn't need to... Continue Reading →

Stuffed sweet potatoes | 3 ways

I absolutely dig sweet potatoes. And so, I wanted to share with you some pretty delish ways I've been making stuffed sweet potatoes recently. Each recipe serves 1-2 people. They're all relatively quick and easy, and all the prep for the filling can be done while the sweet potato is cooking with plenty of time... Continue Reading →

Blueberry Bakewell Tart Recipe

It's been so long since I've had a bakewell tart, so after my partner suggested that we make one, naturally, I was really looking forward to having it again. We just used blueberries out the freezer (originally from the garden-there were loads so they've lasted a while!) but fresh will work too. I would've put... Continue Reading →

Gift ideas for a minimalist

With the holidays growing closer, I thought it'd be a good time to explore some fabulous present ideas for minimalists. It can be a pretty daunting task to buy gifts for someone who has everything they want. So, hopefully this post will give you some ideas to buy the perfect present for your minimalist friend... Continue Reading →

Courgette fritters recipe

These make a perfect little snack to keep you going during the day. Or, if you want, you could eat several at once and it might pass for a meal! Courgette is one of my fave veggies, so I was very excited to make this recipe. They turned out rather good. In fact, I ended... Continue Reading →

Sweet potato scones recipe

When I was first trying out this recipe, clever me forgot to add the sugar. But, turns out the sweet potato and dried fruit makes these sweet without sugar. No sugar and still yumcious. It's a win-win! You could probably use pumpkin purée in place of the sweet potato to give these more autumnal vibes.... Continue Reading →

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