Sweet potato hummus recipe

It's been a while since I've had hummus, and, this time, I thought I'd spice things up a bit by adding sweet potato. It tastes rather yummy! I roasted the sweet potato 'cause I think it always tastes better roasted, but you can cook it however you want! Makes: ≈ 475g Preparation time: 5 minutes... Continue Reading →

Potato scones recipe 2.0

Since I really enjoyed the first potato scones I made, I thought I'd see how thin ones turned out. I based these off this recipe. These ones use a lot more potato than the first ones and had a firmer texture (which makes sense since they were thin and fried). Not only did I make regular... Continue Reading →

Yoga clothes haul ☀️

After googling vegan sportswear I came across Carrot Banana Peach (not sponsored, btw), which had the cutest of the bunch and was not completely horrendous price-wise! All of the stuff I got is part of their bamboo clothing collection, which is a mixture of bamboo, organic cotton and Lycra. I was so surprised how soft the... Continue Reading →

Chickpea gyro recipe

I had a gyro at a street stall ages ago now. That one had a lentil salad, but there would be less cooking involved if I used a tin of chickpeas, so I went with that instead. The sour cream turned a weird colour, but I think that's because I had just made some nut... Continue Reading →

Potato scones recipe

This is another recipe I've veganised from the M&S cookbook. My partner had potato scones when we went to Glasgow; they were thinner than these ones but I didn't try a piece so I can't really compare how authentic the ones I've made are. They're still so soft and tasty, so I'm happy with how... Continue Reading →

Flapjacks recipe | 2 ways

After craving flapjacks but not having any butter in the fridge, I made some very non-traditional flapjacks using fruit to bind the oats together. Obviously, they don't taste like actual flapjack, but they're still very good! For the banana flapjacks Makes: 16 squares Preparation time: 10 minutes Cooking time: 10 minutes Ingredients 300g porridge oats... Continue Reading →

Passionfruit chia seed puddings recipe

My mum found some cheap passionfruits this time. There weren't enough to make something big like cheesecake, so I thought I'd use them in a chia seed pudding. Ready for a smooth transition? Speaking of cheesecake, these ramekin dishes are from some cheesecakes we got from Morrisons. They looked too cute to throw away and,... Continue Reading →


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