Vegan omelette recipe

I was in the mood for something different for breakfast and so I decided to give a vegan omelette a go. The first time I made these someone (don't want to name any names *cough* my partner *cough*) didn't manage to weigh out the salt properly and ended up tipping a good tablespoon into the... Continue Reading →


Veggie spring rolls recipe

I was a lot less adventurous with this pastry compared to the samosas recipe I shared recently. But, as a huge bonus, it was a lot quicker to make. I didn't brush these ones with milk 'cause we're all out at the moment. But, if you want them to look more golden (and less covered... Continue Reading →

Focaccia recipe + topping ideas

Focaccia is one of my favourite types of bread. It has so much flavour that it's perfect to eat on its own (but can also be eaten as a sandwich). Generally, I have rosemary focaccia but I thought I'd try a different topping. I went with mushrooms and sea salt because I was really craving some... Continue Reading →

Coconut Nice biscuits recipe

I'd completely forgotten that these biscuits exist. I was scrolling through photos of biscuits (as you do) and saw a photo of one of these, very clearly distinguished with 'nice' written on top. We managed to write 'nice' on one of the biscuits before giving up after realising the amount of effort it would take to do all... Continue Reading →

Tomato and mushroom pasta sauce recipe

We've had marjoram and thyme plants sitting in our garden for years without getting much use. I thought I'd try them in a pasta sauce, 'cause you can't go wrong with that. I've been eating this sauce with chickpeas and broccoli (and pasta, of course). It also works nicely as a pizza sauce. Serves: 4... Continue Reading →

Baked vegetable samosas recipe

I don't have a deep fryer so I thought I'd try making these baked. They still taste delicious, and you're cutting back on a lot of oil. The pastry takes a lot of effort, so feel free to buy a pre-made one. (I was aiming for filo pastry if you're wondering what kind to get.)... Continue Reading →

DIY homemade mouthwash

This mouthwash freshens your mouth and breath. It doesn't burn your mouth like the shop bought stuff, but instead gives you a nice tingling sensation as you swish it around your mouth. (I don't think the fizzing of bicarbonate of soda has any actual benefits but at least it feels nice!) Although this mouthwash does have... Continue Reading →

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