Homemade granola recipe

Granola is such a nutritious and delicious breakfast. Oats are packed full of minerals including manganese, phosphorus and copper. Also, they contain lots of carbohydrates, which release energy slowly throughout the day. Nuts are, of course, an excellent source of protein as well as a variety of vitamins and minerals. Sultanas are a great source of iron,... Continue Reading →

What I eat in a day

This is my second what I eat in a day post (check out my first one here)! I think I'm going to make this a monthly thing because it's a lot of fun taking photos of and sharing the things I eat. This time, this is food from a weekend. I tend not to snack... Continue Reading →

Huge wardrobe declutter

Nine months have passed since I started on my journey towards minimalism. I've simplified most aspects of my life, and I guess you could call this round 2 of decluttering! I hope you enjoy reading about what I've gotten rid of and hopefully it inspires you to do some decluttering of your own! Clothes I've recently... Continue Reading →

DIY essential oil reed diffuser

Before I started on my journey to natural DIY anything and everything, my room always had a commercial candle burning or diffuser...well diffusing. I don't know what took me so long to make the switch from shop-bought to homemade diffusers because it was very rare to find a diffuser that didn't smell chemically. However, lucky... Continue Reading →

Pistachio cheese sauce recipe

After making a pistachio tomato sauce, I was really in the mood to make a pistachio cheese sauce. (You'd think that I would've thought of pistachio cheese sauce first!) I wasn't sure how strong the taste of pistachio would be so I topped it up with cashews for safe measure. I also wanted to make this cheese sauce... Continue Reading →

Minimalism for your mind

It's easy to find posts about decluttering physical stuff but there's not much about dealing with your mental clutter. And so, I wanted to share with you some tips and tricks I use to de-stress and live a fuller life.

Pistachio tomato sauce recipe

Pistachios in tomato sauce–sound weird? Perhaps, but trust me, it tastes amazing! I have no idea which clogs were turning in my brain when I thought of this but, oh boy, am I glad I did. It adds a whole new level to your basic tomato sauce: a delicious flavour, and unusual yet great texture. If... Continue Reading →


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