If you’re in the mood for a burger

May I recommend Handmade Burger Co? I like a good burger, and this place serves masterpieces! It has 5 vegan burgers to choose from and one which can be made vegan. That's pretty good. It seems to be becoming more common for chain restaurants to state which meals are vegan (rather than just vegetarian) which makes... Continue Reading →


Vegan egg fried rice recipe

Using cauliflower rice, of course! Regular rice will work too, but this is a lot quicker. And tastier (although, biased opinion 'cause cauliflower rice is everything to me!). My partner helped me make this. One of his duties was cutting the broccoli into baby pieces, which I'm very grateful for 'cause it's such fiddly work.... Continue Reading →

Wholemeal pitta bread recipe

I think I've made bread every weekend for the past couple of months (I'm on a roll). This week, I thought it was time to give pitta bread a go. The recipe I based this on uses nigella seeds. I, of course, know what these are, but thought that sesame seeds were a much better... Continue Reading →

Visiting a food festival

Our little town had a food festival the other week. I went down without much expectation of there being anything suitable. But boy, was I surprised. There was so much vegan food! And so, I treated myself... This was from a raw plant-based stall. All their cakes looked so good, but I couldn't resist a... Continue Reading →

Autumn roast veggies recipe

With cauliflower rice, of course. This dressing has become my new go-to; it's a little bit more adventurous than lemon juice but still takes minimal effort to make. My partner had a tomato sauce (sautéd leeks and mushrooms with tomato purée) with his, which he liked very much. So feel free to experiment with different... Continue Reading →

A trip to a farm

On a day off from work, my partner and I took a trip to a local farm. I was a child the last time I visited so couldn't remember what it was like. But, I think they have a greater variety of animals now. It's definitely an interesting variety. I mean, meerkats aren't even a farm... Continue Reading →

Cinnamon rolls recipe

With a nut butter filling! I was going to use caramel. I tried to use caramel, but I burnt the sugar. I then proceeded to pick up the wrong spice and used mixed spice in the nut butter filling. It was a bad day. But, I redeemed my cooking skills when I made this again... Continue Reading →


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