Burrito with cauliflower rice recipe

I've been digging cauliflower rice lately. I think it tastes pretty good in a burrito, and using cauliflower rice rather than regular rice means you can heat it up the following day without worrying about the rice being off. I also like wraps (it's a type of sandwich so of course I like it!). But... Continue Reading →


Pizza in a Mug Recipe

This recipe has to be the epitome of lazy cooking. Whoever thought of meals in a mug is a genius and I'm very grateful towards them! I've been craving pizzas a lot lately and this is just so good (and easy) that I'm not even ashamed to admit that I've been eating pizza on a... Continue Reading →

Vegetable Dhansak Recipe

Before Winter officially ends, I thought I'd make a warming curry. I absolutely love parsnip in curry, so I made sure to include it. They're pretty healthy too; they contain loads of antioxidants which can help prevent cancer, and are high in soluble dietary fibre with helps to reduce cholesterol levels. (Although cholesterol isn't much... Continue Reading →

So, it snowed a bit

We¬†had a lot of snow in the North of England last week. Schools were closed, shops were closed, but work was still open for me! I shouldn't complain though (even though complaining about the weather is a Brit's specialty), I don't mind the snow, it just makes travelling a pain. But, it's pretty to look... Continue Reading →

Tabbouleh stuffed tomatoes recipe

I overestimated how much salad I could fit in the tomatoes so there's a couple of spoonfuls to go along with each serving of the stuffed tomatoes. In hindsight, using the pulp of four tomatoes and then throwing in more ingredients isn't going to fit back in the four tomatoes! I froze some of the... Continue Reading →

Thai green curry recipe

This is kinda a lazy recipe because I used a shop-bought Thai green curry paste rather than attempting to make my own. I used the one by Blue Dragon, if you're interested, because it's the only one I've found so far to be vegan and also it has a lovely taste and spiciness. Despite it... Continue Reading →

Easy banana bread recipe

Despite my disliking of mashed / blended / ripe bananas (what am I doing making banana bread?), I remember several years ago I made banana bread and it was one of the yummiest breads I'd ever had. I'm pretty sure I added sugar sprinkles to it too (I was pretty wild back then), but I... Continue Reading →


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