Avocado chocolate mousse recipe

I've been craving chocolate mousse an unbelievable amount. I've only used avocado in sweet treats once before when making brownies; they tasted very nice, so I thought I'd be adventurous and give it a go in this. These also turned out very nice. They're thick, creamy, chocolaty, and not avocado-y. A wonderful success! Serves: 2-3... Continue Reading →


Lemony chickpeas recipe

I've been strategically using my lemon this week just for this meal – cutting off both ends when I needed lemon juice to leave enough for 3 centre-piece slices. I was going to make this with homemade tagliatelle, but I ended up making this on a weekday, so felt too lazy to make pasta. Instead,... Continue Reading →

Making a succulent terrarium

This pot was found in the garage not getting much use. I do like plants so I thought it'd be perfect for a mini succulent-garden. The pot doesn't have a hole in its base, so I added a layer of stones to act as a drainage well, and some porous fabric, which lets moisture through... Continue Reading →

DIY surgical facemask

For so long I've had a desire to have a surgical mask. I feel like I sneeze more than the average person, and so, of course, I'm blaming that on being sensitive to everything in the air. I searched for masks on Amazon, but they didn't have many decent reusable ones. Then I went onto... Continue Reading →

Plum oat bars recipe

Welcome to another plum themed recipe! There are so many plums on our tree that the branches are collapsing under the weight, but, it's a sound excuse to eat as many plums as possible! These are crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside. A perfect biscuit. I made a similar biscuit bar last... Continue Reading →

Plum and blueberry crumble

This tastes so good; I need to make it again. I also want to make a huge batch of just the compôte 'cause I think it'll be really nice as jam. The fruit releases a lot of juice when being stewed so I was worried it would lose its shape when you cut a slice. But,... Continue Reading →


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