Cherry biscuits recipe

There's only one way to eat these: leave the cherry deliciousness till last! I used to make these all the time years back, but I couldn't find the recipe book this time around. I think I got rid of the book since this was the only biscuit recipe I really made from it (and a... Continue Reading →

9 open sandwiches ideas

I thought open sandwiches would be a cool way to eat my cashew cheese blocks. Some of them are weird combos: chocolate and cheese; granola with cheese on bread... But, I still really enjoyed these, even the obscure ones! I did serve the apple and cinnamon one on the chive cashew cheese because my foresight... Continue Reading →

Cashew cheese block recipe

In 3 different flavours! I first tried this with cornstarch, but I don't think it cooked properly because the cheese still tasted flour-y. Using the science that coconut cream becomes pretty solid when it's refrigerated, I had high hopes for my second attempt with coconut cream. And look at how it turned out! It's firm... Continue Reading →

Gooey banana tarts recipe

I had some leftover pastry from making mushroom tarts (which will come out soon (once I've written them!)) and made the quick decision to make walnut butter, chocolate chip and banana tarts. I knew the bananas would go soft in the oven, but it's unreal how gooey they turned out. So delish! Ingredients 100g uncooked pastry... Continue Reading →

Poppy seed crackers recipe

I made these because I thought they'd look good on a cheese board ... I'm just missing the cheese. I've been giving solid cashew cheese a go but haven't got there just yet. In the meantime, they go nicely with the chutney I made recently! Makes: ≈40 crackers Preparation time: 15 minutes Cooking time: 10... Continue Reading →

Vegan eats in Whitby

It's time for the Whitby food post. I hope you're all excited for it? We started off our visit with a trip to Robertson's. They're the only chip shop that cooks in vegetable oil, so options were limited for chips, but luckily these were very nice. We also had another portion on our last day,... Continue Reading →

Pumpkin pancakes recipe

Autumnal pumpkin pancakes served with summer berries ... a perfect match. These were going to be served with apples, but we didn't have any. A banana was our second choice but it was overripe to the point of being unpresentable so it became a snack while making these. And so, berries it was. These turned out... Continue Reading →

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