May favourites

Happy June, everyone! It’s a new month and with it comes a new favourites post!

I’ve been enjoying my kettlebell workouts at the gym a lot recently. They’re great for a full body workout, whilst focussing on developing the core. And, you’re getting two in one because it combines cardio and strength training. If you haven’t trained with kettlebells before I definitely recommend you try it–they’re my favourite class at the gym!

Is anyone else a Lana Del Rey fan? I love all her music–her albums and unreleased stuff. I just love her vintage vibes and I’ve been digging her new releases. Coachella – Woodstock In My Mind was released last month and it’s my fave from her new album so far!



I made a tea tree coconut oil moisturiser from the tea tree essential oil I bought earlier last month (it’s really easy to make: mix a few drops of tea tree essential oil with some coconut oil and you’re done!). I’ve been using it as a general moisturiser to keep my skin soft as well as a specific one to clear spots. The photo is a bit deceiving because there’s actually barely any left I’ve been using that much!

After learning about how cruel fast fashion industries are, I’ve stopped buying from them. For the past few months I haven’t bought much at all, just the odd piece from a charity shop, because I didn’t know where else I could buy from. But, I’ve been doing some research and found some great ethical clothing companies. I bought this (100% organic cotton!) top from People Tree. Isn’t it beautiful? I also bought a pencil skirt and work trousers. It feels good shopping ethically!


IMG_5449 (2).jpg

A few months ago, I was really digging pistachios, and now I’ve become addicted to them again. I must eat about 50 at once. I have no restraint! You can look forward to some pistachio themed recipes this month (don’t worry though, there’s only two, I haven’t gone overboard!).

Health and happiness


This little one has been visiting our cul-de-sac for the past few months. He was quite timid at first but now that he’s comfortable around me I’ve been feeding him daily. He’s actually unbelievably friendly now that he knows me and even runs up to see me whenever I go down my drive to see him–it’s so cute! My family and neighbours think he’s a stray, so I’m glad that we can give this little guy the love he deserves!

Did you have a good May? What were your favourites?

Thanks for reading, I hope you found it interesting! xo


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  1. There are a ton of great ethical shipping guides out there, you should also check out Patagonia’s worn wear site – (it just came out in April 2017 and I am insanely excited about this concept!). I would also recommend looking at ethical fashion youtubers like My Green Closet for inspiration 🙂

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