Tasty food and new discoveries

On a recent day out to Newcastle, I came across this incredible find and I was so excited by it that I just had to share it. Turns out Newcastle has a little shop with bulk bins! It's called Fruit and Nut Company and is definitely worth checking out if you're in the area. I... Continue Reading →

Some more things I no longer buy

This things I no longer buy post has (unintentionally) turned into a beauty related things I no longer buy post. My first post on this topic is well over a year old. But, it's never too late for round 2. Anyhow, I find these posts fun to do: they're a nice way for you to... Continue Reading →

DIY produce bags

No sewing machine required! I hand sewed the larger bag. It took a good few hours but was a therapeutic way to spend an afternoon. After being gifted a sewing machine for my birthday, I used that to make the smaller bags and it probably took me just as long since I was so bad... Continue Reading →

Lemon and vinegar all-purpose cleaner recipe

One natural cleaner, zero exposure to harsh chemicals. This is an environmentally friendly, effective and non-toxic homemade cleaner. It's also safe for pets since there're no essential oils!  This is incredibly cheap to make–this entire jar costs me only 45 pence! The majority of which is the cost of the lemon. And if you use... Continue Reading →

DIY homemade mouthwash

This mouthwash freshens your mouth and breath. It doesn't burn your mouth like the shop bought stuff, but instead gives you a nice tingling sensation as you swish it around your mouth. (I don't think the fizzing of bicarbonate of soda has any actual benefits but at least it feels nice!) Although this mouthwash does have... Continue Reading →

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