Places to eat in Amsterdam

As promised, here’s all the food we ate on our trip to Amsterdam. We planned out all of the places we were going to eat before we went because I just love planning stuff to stop me from worrying (but I still do).

IMG_9167 2.jpg

Our first meal was a falafel wrap from Cigkoftem in Zaandam. This restaurant was within walking distance of our hotel so it was a super convenient meal.


Breakfast: Pancakes for breakfast from the Happy Pig Pancake Shop. I had apple and sultana pancakes with a hazelnut chocolate sauce, my partner had banana pancakes with the same sauce. These were so good but so filling, I think we could’ve managed with sharing one.


Lunch. Another falafel meal! You already know how much I like falafel! We both had a falafel pita with hummus. There was a salad bar to add your own salad so, naturally, I filled mine with as much as I could fit.


IMG_9240 2.jpg


Dinner. This was probably my favourite meal during our trip. We went to Men Impossible, which is a fully vegan ramen restaurant. For starters, we had pickled carrot and cucumber (I had already eaten half before I remembered to take a photo), cashew cheese, lentil and carrot meatball, tofu nugget, aubergine (with a sauce I can’t remember the name of), potato mochi and a dumpling. So good. I chose ramen with red onion oil and my partner had ramen with black onion oil. If we go back to Amsterdam, I’ll definitely be going back here.


Day 2. Breakfast/Lunch. Don’t these look delicious? I really need to up my smoothie bowl game to make mine look even remotely as pretty. I can’t remember what the smoothies were called or contained, but I’m guessing what’s on top was what was in the smoothie too.


Dinner. Vegan Junk Food Bar. I had the shawarma burger, which tasted nice but was awkward to eat like a burger. White sauces make me think I’m eating mayonnaise, which I don’t like, so it was a bit offputting, but the ‘meat’ had a lovely flavour. My partner had the original VJFB burger, which was a beef burger with cheese and salad. He LOVED it. This was his fave meal, and he was so surprised how similar it tasted to a regular beef burger.




Day 3. Breakfast/Lunch. We went to Vegabond store and café. I had a butternut squash quiche, my partner had parsnip and celeriac soup and a sausage roll. These were very tasty. We browsed the store while we were there and I bought some iChoc chocolate because it’s about half the price compared to in England and too delicious to resist.


Dinner. Our last meal in Amsterdam was from the TerraZen Centre. I had sweet potato fries. White sauce again! And there was more batter than sweet potato, but aside from that, I enjoyed it. My partner had a chicken burger, which he enjoyed with much fewer complaints than me!

What’s your fave place to eat in Amsterdam? If you’re visiting Amsterdam anytime soon I hope I’ve given you some ideas of where to eat! xo


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