A trip to Amsterdam


This was my first time visiting Amsterdam; it’s a beautiful city. My partner and I had a great time, so I wanted to share a bit of what we did and some of the pretty photos I took.

This is what buildings look like in Zaandam. Pretty jazzy.

Day 1.
We arrived in Zaandam, where our hotel was (Zaan Hotel, if you’re interested), late afternoon. The hotel was a two-minute walk from the train station (a prime location!). It was a quiet first evening there; we explored a bit of Zaandam and grabbed some food.

A big concern for me when travelling is using public transport because even at home, I’m useless. However, the trains were so easy to navigate, so I was stressing over nothing! In Amsterdam, we walked to all our destinations ’cause everything’s in pretty close proximity (and buses are the next step, which I haven’t reached yet!). It was tiring, but at least we got to wander around more of the city that way!


Day 2.
This day was our first day in Amsterdam. We visited Madame Tussauds. They have Johnny Depp and Marvel characters (personal faves). I took plenty of beautiful photos of my face with the celebs, but they’re a bit too embarrassing to share! Since I’m rather small, we made a little game: am I taller than this celebrity? I wasn’t, by the way (it really doesn’t take much to be taller than me!). Next, we went on a canal cruise. It was warm and place to sit down, so worth it for that. As a bonus: great views of unique architecture and home boats (if you’d call them that?). They looked so cute, and I’m now determined to live in a boat one day. The final touristy thing we did was visiting Amsterdam Dungeon. It was fine (she says convincingly!).

A view from Vondelpark

Day 3.
The first thing on our agenda was the Heineken Experience. This was insanely fun. It was an interactive, self-guided tour on how Heineken is made. It gets better though: there were things too ridiculous to be part of the tour. You could ride a bike while singing along to a Netherlands’ song; take photos at many photo stations with cool backdrops and email them to yourself – revolutionary (I’m too cheap to pay for other people to take my photo!); experience a virtual screening of how Heineken is made; and … PlayStations. There was a Heineken-advertised-through-football area, so the PlayStations were meant for you to play FIFA, but they had other games. We played Farming Simulator. It doesn’t look like you can kill people on the game, so there’s room for improvement, it could be more exciting. (‘A trip to Amsterdam’ and you get a Farming Simulator review. This is definitely what you came for.) Afterwards, we walked around Vondelpark and then visited the Vincent van Gogh museum.




Day 4.
This day was dedicated to visiting the windmills in Zaanse Schans, eating food and relaxing before our flight home. I think I took too many photos this day, but this cute, little village tempted me too much.

And that was my trip to Amsterdam! I’ve got another post coming with where and what we ate, so keep your eyes peeled for that! Have you been to Amsterdam before? What was your fave thing about it? xo


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