Beetroot and chocolate cake

After looking at things that pair nicely with beetroot to have something different, to my surprise, supposedly chocolate does. I saw a few chocolate and beetroot cakes and thought that I had to try this. I was expecting the chocolate to overpower any beetroot taste, but it does have a subtle flavour in there, which... Continue Reading →

Oreo mug cake

I saw a YouTube video where someone made a cake using just Oreos. An Oreo flavoured cake? I was sold at that. But, it's a double win that you only need 3 ingredients to make it. The YouTuber baked the cake on the stove, which looked like I could mess that up too easily, so... Continue Reading →

Peach muffins recipe

We have quite a few tins of fruit in the cupboard. I never know how to serve them, but peach muffins sounded tempting. Makes: 12Preparation time: 15 minutesCooking time: 12 minutes Ingredients 400g can of sliced peaches in juice200g self-raising flour50g ground almonds125g caster sugar1 tsp baking powder125ml juice from the can of peaches25ml oil100ml... Continue Reading →

Berry chocolate gateau recipe

I've not made a three-layer cake before, so this was an exciting experience. I've also not made gateau before, and I hope cream and berries on cake classifies as gateau? Oh well, if not, you still get to eat something tasty! I thought I'd use some butter to make this cake; just to mix things... Continue Reading →

Upside down pear cake recipe

We had loads of pears growing in our garden and I couldn't decide what to make with them. It's actually the first time in over 20 years this pear tree has produced anything! It's finally grown enough to become a proper pear tree. Pear purée seemed like a good thing to make, and fruit purée... Continue Reading →

Good ol’ blueberry cupcakes recipe

We picked loads of blueberries from our garden a few months ago and there's still quite a lot in our freezer so what better way to enjoy them than in blueberry cupcakes? I let the blueberries defrost first before adding them as the frozen clumps are too much effort to break apart. Makes: 12 Preparation time:... Continue Reading →

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