Sweet potato and lentil mash recipe

All credit goes to my amazing Mum who came up with this recipe! This tastes great spread on toast or a sandwich. It also works really well mixed in with pasta or just served as a side. The lentils provide you with a major protein boost, so this mash is a fantastic option to have when... Continue Reading →

Holland & Barrett haul

Holland & Barrett has got to be my favourite shop! Whenever I visit another city, I always like to pop into their H&B to see what's on offer, since the one in my home town is pretty small; it doesn't even have chilled and frozen food! The stuff I bought is from the time my partner... Continue Reading →

Cheesy mushroom rice recipe

Lo and behold the second cheese sauce meal! Are you ready to delve into some cheesy goodness? This is probably my favourite meal with my cheese sauce (sorry pasta recipe!). It's probably the mushrooms and lentils that make it for me–I love 'em. Speaking of things that I love, you'll notice that this recipe is also served... Continue Reading →

Cheesy pasta recipe

As you may know, I posted a cashew cheese sauce recipe a few days ago and so I wanted to share with you the meals that I use it in. Today's recipe is cheesy pasta and veg. I'll also be posting a cheesy rice recipe soon, so look out for that! This meal is basically mac... Continue Reading →

A trip to Durham

Hello, my dears! Recently, my partner and I took a day trip to Durham. The city is beautiful and has such gorgeous architecture! It would be a lovely city to live in one day.

Cashew cheese sauce recipe

Cashew cheese is a pretty well know cheese alternative among the vegan community, so I decided to try it out for myself. I wanted to keep this recipe basic so that each time I make it I can experiment with ingredients. You could try throwing in some chilli flakes or sun-dried tomatoes. Go crazy! This time I... Continue Reading →

What I eat in a day

This is my first what I eat in a day blog post. How exciting! I always enjoy seeing what other vegans eat and so I wanted to share with you what I eat in a typical day. These are meals from a work day so there're nothing fancy. But, perhaps they'll give you some ideas for healthy,... Continue Reading →

My makeup collection and declutter

I'm not much of a makeup person and so my collection currently consists of only 38 items. Despite this, before my first makeup declutter, I had over 100 items! Of course, the majority of which I never used. And so, since I don't use makeup very often I thought that I'd do another purge since there... Continue Reading →


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