Trying Linda McCartney Pulled Pork Bao Buns

Happy pancake day! To celebrate we had waffles, and, for my blog post today, I’m going to talk about the Linda McCartney Pulled Pork Bao Bun Meal Kit we tried a little while ago.

A meal kit is not something we’d usually buy. We’d tend to get all the ingredients separately because that way you get more for the price you’re paying. But, my partner fancied them when we were ordering from Sainsburys, and I’d wanted to try bao buns for a while, so we decided to treat ourselves.

You get bao buns, pulled pork and sriracha mayonnaise in the meal kit. I know you only get the bare minimum you need to make the meal in a meal kit, but some veggies to fry with the pulled pork would make it more worth its money and a bit more exciting.

And, we couldn’t manage with only having the pulled pork and dressing, so we fried up some onion and pepper with the pulled pork, and had some lettuce to serve (and a single piece of coriander because our plant had only just started growing). I’m not a fan of mayonnaise so I decided to skip that, but my partner had it and enjoyed it.

The instructions were to microwave the bao buns in a bowl coated in oil. But, that sounded quite messy to wash up. And since, we now have a steamer, making good use of it, we decided to steam the buns instead. I steamed them for about 10 minutes after trusty Google told me to.

I love all things sweet, so I was a huge fan of the bao buns. I’m a bit hit or miss with imitation meats because if the texture reminds me too much of real meat, they make me feel a bit sick. The pulled pork was juicy and tasty, and since it was a small portion, it wasn’t enough for me to be too put off by the texture. I do think it still could’ve done with more veg to mask the meat texture, though, and that would also make them more filling as they’re a light snack otherwise.

Have you had these before? What did you think of them? xo

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  1. I’ve always wanted to try these! There’s a really good (as I have been told) Bao Bun place near to where I live and I’ve been hesitant as I’m a vegetarian, but maybe I should try the meat free ones? Great post.

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