A chill Christmas 🎄

I hope everyone had a fab Christmas!

We had a quiet Christmas mostly home, but did take advantage of being able to see other families and saw both my and my partner’s parents.

We watched The Gruffalo, Lost in the Snow and Second Star to the Left in the morning. The latter two are both traditions for me; usually I watch them on Christmas Eve but since I was working on Thursday, we watched them on Christmas Day instead. They’re all cute animations, and they’re only 30 minutes long so it doesn’t get old watching them.

I made a pretty simple Christmas lunch, but it was delish, nonetheless. We had a lentil pie, roasted and boiled veg, stuffing, and homemade gravy and yorkshire puddings. We were pretty full after the veg that we couldn’t eat all of the pie, but we heated it up later and finished it off for dinner.

We went to our parents’ houses in the afternoon to have a catch up and open a few presents. My partner got a few jazzy drinks to try and a stein glass from the parents and some blu-rays from me. I got an outdoor watering can (to water my blueberries and in preparation for a fruit and veg garden) and a whetstone knife sharpener from the parents and a candle making kit off my partner. The cats also got some presents off our parents: a toy and some money to buy more toys! We didn’t actually get them anything, but I’m sure they appreciate our love enough that they don’t mind!

I tried out the knife sharpener this morning. It’s so insane how thinly I could slice a tomato that I just had to share it (I hope you get joy out of this too and it’s not just me!). As a bit of a comparison, the knife was so blunt before that I had to pierce the tomato to then be able to cut it, and the tomato got a bit squished in the process. I’m very grateful for this present, and I’m pleased that I managed to use the sharpener successfully as I could never get the knack for standard rod knife sharpeners.

We also got quite a few chocolates as gifts (it’s not Christmas without them!). We cracked open some M&S truffles. I appreciate that they have cardboard dividers rather than being in a plastic tray; it’s a nice change for Christmas chocolates. My fave was probably the smooth truffle as it had the proper texture of truffles and was just the right sweetness for me.

We watched Rise of the Guardians, which is another loved Christmas film of mine. We did start watching Spectre, but by the time it got to 10 we were too tired to stay up to finish it.

Also, we finally tried the Christmas cake! It was actually this morning since we were too full to have some yesterday. It was pretty tasty, but I think I preferred the cupcake one, as the fruit tasted too cooked, so next year I’ll go with classic cupcake Christmas cakes.

What did you get up to on Christmas? xo

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