Decorating the Christmas cake ❄️

It’s not long now before we can grab a slice and actually find out how it tastes!

I just used Morrisons pre-made marzipan and icing as it’s vegan, and I wouldn’t know the first thing about making them myself! I went with traditional raspberry jam to glue down the marzipan to the cake. I did end up rolling out the marzipan and icing too much, so we’re making our way through the excess pieces; slowly, though, as they’re a bit too sweet to eat by themselves. I borrowed some cake decorations from my parents to make it look festive. I think it looks very cute and I’m looking forward to having the first slice!

I tried to get some better lighting upstairs but the cats became too interested in sniffing the cake. Then Thomas tried to lick the icing so that was enough photo taking. xo

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