Eat That Frog | Productivity Week

This week I’ve planned a bunch of posts for you, which cover methods of productivity. I hope you enjoy them and I hope that they help you to become super efficient and productive!

“Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.”
– Mark Twain

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The Eat That Frog method was developed by Brian Tracy and you can read all about it in his book under the same name (I’m in the middle of reading it at the moment–it’s pretty good!). This method focuses on productivity and time-management to ensure that you progress on the right things.

The idea behind this method is to schedule your day in order of hardest to easiest tasks. Your prioritised tasks should be the ones which are most important and challenging, yet have the greatest impact in your progression.

It’s best to start these tasks first thing in the morning, which is when you have the most motivation and energy. And since we get a strong sense of achievement and motivation after completing a difficult task, it will give us energy and momentum to continue working down our to-do list throughout the day.

Tracy recommends the ABCDE method to determine which frogs should be eaten first:

  • An A task is very important and something that you must do. It will have major positive or negative consequences depending on whether or not it is completed. If there is more than one A task, you should order them A-1, A-2 and so on, in order of importance.
  • A B task is one which you should do. There would be mild consequences if it was or wasn’t done.
  • A C task is something that would be nice to get done. However, there are no consequences associated with this task.
  • A D task is one that can be delegated to someone else. Delegating tasks will give you more time to complete the A tasks that can only be done by you.
  • Finally, an E task is something that you can remove from your to-do list as completing it or not won’t make any real difference.

This method significantly improves your organisation and easily allows you to see what you need to do next so that you can work through the important things faster. For the best outcome, you should always eat all the A task frogs before you move onto a B task frog, and so forth.

I’m sure there’s a saying we were always told in Literature class: “failing to plan is planning to fail.” Since it would be difficult to eat that frog all at once, break down your daunting task into easy bitesize pieces and in order of importance. Plan all the steps you will need to take to complete the task and give yourself a rough time to get each of the little pieces finished. Then just get started. You’ll be amazed at how a once challenging task is so much more manageable.

Remember to eat your ugliest frog everyday to move closer to your goals!

Have you heard of the Eat That Frog method before? Do you think you’ll give it a go?


Disclaimer: the link I have used is an affiliate link. If you want to support me then you can buy something using that link and I’ll receive a small percentage of that with no extra cost to you! xo


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