A trip to the beach

With the incredible weather we’ve been having, it was only a matter of time before my partner and I went to the beach.

Isn’t the view beautiful?


We had a lovely stroll across the warm sand–no shoes, of course. On our way back, we were a bit more adventurous and climbed … well more like clambered over the rocks.

It was a lovely day for the beach–not too breezy and not too hot either. Next time we’ll have to pack a picnic!



3 thoughts on “A trip to the beach

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      1. I would take 80 and very little humidity, or better no humidity at all over 100. But I much prefer 60s all year round. 😀 But the crops do need the heat. Have a great Sunday, or maybe you already have. I can’t remember how far ahead or behind or the same you are in the UK. Anyway have a great day and upcoming week. 🙂

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