Jewellery declutter

It’s time for another purge! This time I tackled my jewellery collection. Luckily there wasn’t too much to sort through after my intensive last declutter (where I got rid of at least 50-100 things). Since I’m not much of a jewellery wearer (’cause I’m too lazy to put it on in the mornings) it made this declutter pretty easy to know what sparks joy and what to discard.

I’m a sucker for gold jewellery as that’s my fave (jewellery) material (and I like everything to match). Also, linking back to my laziness, I like pieces that I can wear indefinitely, which includes sleeping in them and wearing them in the shower (I hope that’s not weird). And so, I own mainly earrings, a few necklaces which I love too much to donate and no bracelets since they’re too much of a faff to take off each time I go to the gym.

The following are some suggested steps to help you with your declutter:

  1. Take out all your jewellery and place it in a clear space. This could be your bed or the floor in a well lit room. Even take off jewellery that you’re wearing so that you can see exactly how much you own, and it’ll make it easier to distinguish between your faves and your not-so-much faves.
  2. If you have a lot of jewellery, to make the process easier you could separate them into categories, such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, body jewellery. Or perhaps separating them into daytime and evening wear if that suits your collection better.
  3. Next get decluttering. I like using the Konmari method. I hold each piece of jewellery and ask myself if it sparks joy. Some other good questions to ask are if you use it often enough, if it still suits your style and if it’s still good enough quality to wear.
  4. For each item you could place it into a keep, maybe and discard pile. Place the keep items back into their homes, store the maybe pile in a box for a few weeks or a month to see whether you reach for an item or not. If not then they can get discarded. And finally sort through your discard pile to see if the items can be donated, given to friends/family or are to be trashed.

And so, onto the declutter:


IMG_5568 2


IMG_5565 2

I decided to get rid of the earring at the top since I lost its matching piece and it’s a bit too long for my petite ears. The ones at the middle and bottom never get worn and there’s even a broken one in there (which is a shame because I really did love it) and so it was time for them to go.


IMG_5567 2



It was a simple reason for these ones: I don’t wear them and they don’t bring me joy.



As I mentioned earlier, I don’t wear bracelets since I’d have to take them off each time I go to the gym. It may be surprising that I’m getting rid of a Pandora bracelet, since each charm is meant to mean something to you. But I think the issue is that I bought these charms because I thought they looked good but they don’t actually hold any value. However, I did keep a couple which bring me happiness (see below).



These rings are just costume jewellery, which never get worn. I’m also getting rid of the cat ring holder since I have no need for it (I only have one ring and I wear it all the time, after all).

What I’m keeping

IMG_5573 2.jpg

The necklaces are just so pretty and I feel fabulous and cute (if it’s the teddy bear) when I wear them. Despite not wearing them much, they still add value to my life and so I wanted to keep them. Small, simple earrings suit me best which is why I have a few sizes of gold studs. Also I absolutely love the bird earrings, even the discoloured one, and despite them being bigger than the usual studs that suit me they still look cute on me. Yay! The ring is an almost permanent fixture on my hand, I feel a bit lost when I’m not wearing it I’m that used to it!


I bought these in France years ago and have never stopped loving them. I wear them on nights out to glam myself up (and hope that no one notices that I’m mixing gold and silver).


Finally, three Pandora charms. These are the ones that still bring me happiness and so I wanted to keep. My sister has made her extra Pandora charms into a cute key-ring, so I think that’s what I’ll do with these.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my little declutter.

What sort of jewellery do you love the most? xo


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