What I eat in a day

This is my second what I eat in a day post (check out my first one here)! I think I’m going to make this a monthly thing because it’s a lot of fun taking photos of and sharing the things I eat. This time, this is food from a weekend. I tend not to snack during the day at weekends, because if I’m hungry I’ll just make my next meal. However, the evenings are a completely different matter, as you’ll find out below!



A delicious pear and passionfruit smoothie with oat milk. I never realised until I made this smoothie how amazing these fruits go together. I’ll definitely be making this smoothie again.



I’ve been having this for breakfast and lunch a lot recently. It’s a sautéed Cauldron Vegan Sausages with onion and mushroom sandwich and some slices of pepper to serve. If you haven’t tried these sausages yet I highly recommend them, they’re delicious!



I had some leftover spring onions and green beans so I chucked them in with pasta and some homemade tomato and lentil pasta sauce. A simple yet lovely meal.


A yummy cheese (nutritional yeast), onion and tomato toastie. I’m pretty addicted to these at the moment and I haven’t been holding back eating them since they’re so quick and easy to make!


A mixture of strawberries and banana. It took longer to position them in this way than it did to eat them! (And it wasn’t even worth it because the pattern isn’t anything special!)

I hope you’ve enjoyed this what I eat in a day post and maybe I’ve given you some ideas of food to have! Thanks for reading! xo


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