Huge wardrobe declutter

Nine months have passed since I started on my journey towards minimalism. I’ve simplified most aspects of my life, and I guess you could call this round 2 of decluttering!

I hope you enjoy reading about what I’ve gotten rid of and hopefully it inspires you to do some decluttering of your own!



I’ve recently gone off clothes with straps rather than proper sleeves, since they don’t complement my shoulders at all!
I’ve had this top for a few years. It’s pretty but, unfortunately, it isn’t very practical: it doesn’t look good with a bra, nor is it suitable without one. It’s still in good condition so I’ll be donating it to a charity shop.


The band on this one isn’t very comfortable, since it feels a bit tight on me. I have gained some weight recently so no doubt that’s the reason why this doesn’t fit anymore. This top is quite worn; it’s colour has faded and I’m sure it has a hole in it somewhere. And so, since it isn’t suitable for donating, I’ll most likely cut it up and use it as cleaning rags.

These two tops just aren’t my style anymore. I don’t wear them and I no longer like them so instead of letting them collect dust in my wardrobe, I’m going to send them off to a charity shop.


This vest top is far too long for my short stature and so I’m going to donate it. And just looking at the photo of it, doesn’t it so plain and boring?


I think that the bow tie dress is so cute. I used to wear it loads, but that was back when I was younger and it suited my body shape. Now, the thin straps and tight-fitting are not a good look on me. I don’t feel comfortable or confident when I wear it but I’m sure someone else will love it!

I took these clothes out of my sister’s donate pile. I find this type of clothing cute, but unfortunately it’s not my style. I wanted to be a bit more adventurous by wearing a blue skirt or festival shorts, but I never grabbed them when getting dressed. They’ve just sat in my wardrobe ever since I got them, which is a definitely a sign that they should go.

These two I also salvaged from my sister’s donate pile. However, they don’t fit me very well. The jumper constantly falls off my shoulders and the dress causes the fat at the side of my breasts to droop over it. Does anyone else have this problem with strapless tops/dresses? I hope it isn’t just me!

I decided to donate these four pieces because I don’t wear them anymore.
The grey jumper is a poor quality fabric and so I don’t feel amazing when I wear it.
I kept the blue blazer for far too long even though I think I’ve only worn it twice. And I kept it for a pretty ridiculous reason too–I loved the inside design.


The final piece of clothing I’ve decluttered are these jeans. They’re very low-cut, which means that I’m constantly pulling them up. Also, whilst I was doing the cleaning the other day and bending over a lot, my partner took a lovely photo of me and, yes, you could see my bum! So that was definitely the tipping point for me–uncomfortable and not entirely socially acceptable! I’ll be donating them so hopefully the next owner doesn’t have the same issues as me.


The trainers have lasted me a while but now they’re falling apart in places and I haven’t worn them for months. I prefer my white trainers since they go with more of my outfits. Therefore, I’ve finally decided to get rid of these ones.
I’ve had the sandals for years and I’ve probably worn them less than 20 times. However, I kept them because they went really nicely with one outfit. But, let’s be honest, it’s a bit silly keeping some shoes for one outfit, especially poor quality shoes which are already damaged after very little use. I have two other shoes which go well with that same outfit so I won’t miss much from getting rid of these.

The black flats are incredibly uncomfortable and give me blisters minutes after walking in them. I have no idea why I kept them for so long since they cause me so much pain. However, they’re in good condition so I’ll donate them and hopefully they fit the next owner properly!
Ever since I became vegan, I stopped wearing my Dr Martens. And recently, I finally put in the effort to sell them online. I managed to sell them on our local buy/sell Facebook group with the help of my lovely mum (because I don’t have a Facebook account).

All in all, I’ve donated 14 pieces of clothing, repurposed another, donated one pair of shoes, thrown out 2 and sold another. My wardrobe is 19 items lighter, now, which leaves me with 40 pieces of clothing and 4 pairs of shoes. It’s still a long way from being perfect, but I’m slowly getting there!


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