DIY essential oil reed diffuser

Before I started on my journey to natural DIY anything and everything, my room always had a commercial candle burning or diffuser … well diffusing. I don’t know what took me so long to make the switch from shop-bought to homemade diffusers because it was very rare to find a diffuser that didn’t smell chemically. However, lucky for us, essential oil diffusers can’t smell chemically. Woo! Also, this diffuser isn’t overpowering like some commercial diffusers and air fresheners, instead it releases a lovely subtle scent.

This diffuser is perfect for that little burst of good vibes. Try lavender for it’s soothing and relaxing properties. Citrus scents are very uplifting, such as orange and lemon. Or go with your favourite blend.

Even though I’ve been using essential oils for a while now, I’d still say I’m a newbie with them since I’ve yet to be adventurous and blend oils together … until today that is! For my diffuser, I used pine oil for it’s refreshing and earthy tones, with a few drops of peppermint oil for some extra freshness. It turned out pretty good!


What you’ll need

  • A small jar with a narrow opening (I reused an old diffuser jar)
  • 5 reed diffuser sticks (or bamboo skewers)
  • 40ml sweet almond oil (or other carrier oil)
  • 15-20 drops of essential oil(s)


  1. Pour the carrier oil and essential oil into your jar.
  2. Place the reeds in the jar and give it a bit of a stir to evenly disperse the essential oil.
  3. After several hours, turn the sticks around to saturate the other end.
  4. Then every few days turn the sticks again to refresh the scent.
  5. Once the scent has gone, add a few more drops of essential oil to start again.
  6. Also, once the sticks have become fully saturated they’ll need replacing as they will no longer be able to diffuse your oils.

Remember to keep well away from children and animals!

What are your favourite essential oil blends? Do you have a miracle blend with some amazing properties? xo


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