Minimalism for your mind

It’s easy to find posts about decluttering physical stuff but there’s not much about dealing with your mental clutter. And so, I wanted to share with you some tips and tricks I use to de-stress and live a fuller life.

I like to meditate early in the morning to set myself off for a good start to the day. The beauty of meditation is that it allows you to completely empty your mind and find inner peace. It’s such a calming and relaxing technique so it’s a great way to reduce stress and slow down.

This is a no-brainer when it comes to good mental health. Counting your blessings makes you so much more appreciative of what you have and who you have in your life. Since humans focus on the negatives so much easier than the positives, it’s a great habit to get into in order to improve your overall happiness. Whenever something extra good happens in a day, I like to replay that moment in my mind to make it a stronger memory and release all them happy vibes!

Next time you’re drinking a hot cup of cocoa, really taste the chocolatey goodness and bask in the warmth that fills up your entire body. Life passes us by so quickly, so practising being in the present moment really improves our mental wellbeing and helps us become more connected with ourselves. It might be easier to assign a certain time of day to notice your thoughts, feelings and the world around you–be that whilst you’re eating your breakfast, chatting with some friends at lunch, or lying next to your loved one just before you go to sleep.

I never thought that I’d be a mantra sort of person, but ever since I gave them a chance I realised how much of a positive impact they have on my life. Whenever I’m becoming overwhelmed by negative emotions I like to repeat to myself “don’t judge, don’t comment, just watch.” I picked up this mantra from reading The Power of Now by Eckhart Toll (incredible book by the way–highly recommend!). I’m telling myself not to judge myself for having these emotions, not to comment on my actions which lead me to feel this way, and to just watch the emotion, in other words, I accept that it’s there but don’t allow it to take control. It’s amazing that when I’m on the verge of tears, for example, repeating this mantra allows me to find inner peace.

I hope that these little tips helped! Thanks for reading! xo



2 thoughts on “Minimalism for your mind

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  1. Daisy,
    It’s nice to read about my mental declutter. It’s so important, but the focus tends to be on space decluttering. I, too, like to use gratitude as one; I want meditation to be a regular practice of mine, but I find myself never getting to it. If you have any tips for that, I would love to hear it!

    Natalie | Holistic Health, Lifestyle, & Travel

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    1. Hi there! I’m no meditation expert but I’d say try meditating for a few minutes each day to begin with to make it a habit. I like to focus on my breathing and picture my diaphragm contracting and relaxing as well as my lungs expanding and shrinking. Also lying in bed rather than sitting in the traditional position makes meditation a lot more appealing! xo

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