Holland & Barrett haul

Holland & Barrett has got to be my favourite shop! Whenever I visit another city, I always like to pop into their H&B to see what’s on offer, since the one in my home town is pretty small; it doesn’t even have chilled and frozen food! The stuff I bought is from the time my partner and I went to Durham. He thinks I’m a bit of a weirdo for loving a shop this much!


First on my shopping list was some B12 supplements, since I recently ran out of them. They were in the penny sale so I decided to grab two and gave the spare one to my partner (who knows if he’ll actually take them though!).

Whilst browsing the store, I saw a tea tree blemish stick. I’ve always wanted to try out tea tree oil, since it has natural antiseptic properties, which are great for clearing acne. But, instead of getting the blemish stick, I decided to go for tea tree essential oil to make my own acne treatment. The essential oils were also in the penny sale so I bought pine essential oil too for it’s refreshing and stimulating properties. I think I’ll use the pine oil in a diffuser or body product.

As I mentioned in my Durham post, I was pretty hungry when we got there. So, naturally, I was in the mood to buy some food. We looked at the dried fruit section and the pineapple and papaya mix caught my eye. I haven’t had this for years, and I really started to crave some. So I bought that along with some dried apple for my partner.


That’s all for my mini H&B haul. I hope you found it interesting! xo


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