What I eat in a day

This is my first what I eat in a day blog post. How exciting! I always enjoy seeing what other vegans eat and so I wanted to share with you what I eat in a typical day. These are meals from a work day so there’re nothing fancy. But, perhaps they’ll give you some ideas for healthy, filling and delicious food to have on a weekday.

I started my day with a simple, small portion of porridge with banana, coconut and pomegranate (in a beautiful, chipped bowl):


I had this with a large glass of lemon water–my favourite!

I always take a tub of nuts with me to work to keep me going throughout the morning. There’s a mixture of brazil, hazel, almond and cashew nuts. Yum!


Today I had leftover pea pesto and pasta. It’s easy to carry round, and is pretty filling, which means that I don’t have to snack before dinner.


I was feeling a bit lazy, so I wanted a quick and simple meal for dinner. I went with potato chips with their skin on (because too lazy to peel), tomatoes for a bit of sweetness and sunflower seeds for some protein. It might sound a bit boring, but it still tasted great!


In the evening I tend to stuff my face with junk food ’cause by this time I’ve given up trying to be healthy! Today I had a rocky road and too much sugar from fruit:


I hope that you’ve found this interesting!

Thanks for reading! xo


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