My makeup collection and declutter

I’m not much of a makeup person and so my collection currently consists of only 38 items. Despite this, before my first makeup declutter, I had over 100 items! Of course, the majority of which I never used. And so, since I don’t use makeup very often I thought that I’d do another purge since there are still a few pieces that just sit there and never get used.

11 Jun 2017 Update: I’m not sure what happened to my photos but they no longer exist on this post. Nor do they exist anywhere else, because being minimal I didn’t see the need to keep them on my computer once I had written this. Oh well, I’ve taken another photo of the makeup I currently own. There’re some eyelash curlers which weren’t there before. Pretty exciting stuff. Anyway, I doubt people see such old posts, but just in case here’s the (overly long) explanation of why there’s only one photo. xo


Yes, this is an eye shadow, but when I did use it, I used it as a bronzer. I don’t need two bronzers and since I don’t reach for this one I know that it’s time for it to go. That’s one non cruelty free product out of my collection.

Eye shadow

This takes several layers to get good coverage, which means that I don’t tend to use it. I couldn’t find any information on whether this company is cruelty free or not.


I use to use this a lot (as you can probably tell), but I haven’t touched it in over a year. Since it’s basically finished I decided to get rid of it. Also, this blush is by AVON, who are not cruelty free.


This is a bit rough on my eyes and I prefer pen eyeliners compared to pencil ones. Rimmel London is also not cruelty free, so I’m glad to get this one out of my collection.

Eyebrow pen

I’ve had this for so long that the pen has actually dried out, therefore I’m throwing it out.

Lip balm


This lip balm smells great, but it tends to just sit on my lips rather than get absorbed. Also, this contains beeswax making it not suitable for vegans. I have another lip balm, which I prefer and I also use coconut oil so I decided to get rid of this one.

Nail varnish


I’m not a huge fan of how the blue looks on my nails and the purple doesn’t suit my style. The purple varnish is by Marks & Spencer so is cruelty free, however, I’m not sure what brand the blue one is.

That’s eight products that I’ve declutter, including 3 which are definitely not cruelty free. And so, my makeup collection now consists of 30 items and this is what it looks like:


Quite a few pieces, even if they’re not cruelty free/vegan, I’m keeping only because I know that I’ll eventually use them. So I’m sure in a few months to a year I’ll have an even smaller collection and by then it should be completely cruelty free!

I hope that you’ve found this interesting. And hopefully I’ve inspired you to do some decluttering of your own! xo


2 thoughts on “My makeup collection and declutter

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  1. I think my collection right now is about 15 items and 10 of them are lipbalm! I have been seriously considering getting my eyebrows and eyelashes dyed to reduce my consumption and save time.

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    1. Nail varnish is my weakness–I have loads yet don’t wear it that often! If you wear makeup a lot that would be so much better than going through all that plastic!! xoxo


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