DIY painted terracotta pots

Since the weather is getting warmer, I thought that it would be the perfect time to grow some herbs. I wanted to have some pretty, minimal pots to plant them in, which is why I decided to give some terracotta pots a makeover.

What you’ll need

  • a terracotta pot
  • a terracotta saucer
  • surgical spirit (rubbing alcohol)
  • paint (or spray paint)
  • paint brush

What I did

  1. I started by laying down some newspaper to protect the surface I was working on.
  2. Then I cleaned my pots and saucers with surgical spirit.
  3. Next was the fun part: painting. I decided to use white and gold paint to achieve the minimal style I was going for. And so, once the surgical spirit had dried, I painted the first white coat on the saucers and the base of the pots.
  4. I did two extra coats leaving 16 hours in between each to let the paint dry.
  5. After the third coat had dried, I moved on to painting the rim of the pots gold.
  6. I did two extra coats for the gold paint too. Luckily this paint only took half an hour to dry so it didn’t take me long to finish.
  7. I skipped this step but you can seal the paint with a clear finishing wax to help prevent chipping.

I decided to plant rosemary and basil into these pots and this is how they turned out:



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