April favourites

Happy May, everyone! Have you enjoyed your long weekend? It’s the start of a new month and so I wanted to share with you some stuff that I loved in April.

Last month, I finally decided to put in some effort to tone my abs. I made up a routine to focus on my obliques and upper and lower abs. The tone-ups I did were as follows:

  • oblique crunches: 10 reps on each side
  • crunches: 15 reps
  • reverse crunches: 15 reps
  • bicycle crunches: 20 reps, alternating on each side
  • side plank: 30 seconds on each side
  • elbow plank: 1 minute

My abs were burning after this routine, but it was such a satisfying feeling!

I listened to Tennis Court by Lorde for the first time in years, and it got me really into her music. I’ve been listening to her album, Pure Heroine, non-stop recently and I’m lovin’ her most recent releases too. I’m surprised that I didn’t fully discover her sooner since she was huge when Royals came out. It’s a shame that only that song became really popular because her entire album is gold! If I had to choose favourites from her album I’d probably go with Ribs, Buzzcut Season and Tennis Court.

I’m pretty good at resisting impulse buying clothes, but when it comes to food I have no restraint! I saw these in the free from section in Morrisons and couldn’t help myself. These are 100% chocolatey goodness and the marshmallows are so, so soft. Maybe, I’ll make a healthy homemade version of these one day. But, I have no idea how to make marshmallows and I doubt that I’d make them successfully! Oh well, it’s always nice to have a go-to chocolate cheat treat!

Health and happiness
My partner and I went on a lovely, long walk last week. Our goal was to reach a ruined castle, which is about an hour’s walk from where we live. This was the first time that we’d visited the castle so we weren’t entirely sure where we were going, but we made it there in the end! We wandered through a serene woodland and across fields, avoiding roads to really enjoy the nature around us. The castle itself was beautiful. It’s amazing that some of it is still standing even though it’s nearly 1000 years old!






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