30 things to declutter right now

Minimalism has taught me to live more intentionally so that I have more time, less stress and feel happier. One part of minimalism, and probably the first easy(ish) step to take on your simplicity journey, is to declutter your stuff. And so, I’ve compiled a list of loads of different things that you can declutter right now. Let’s get right into it!

Upload CDs and DVDs onto your computer. There’s no need for a hard copy.

Donate your books and switch to eBooks.

Delete or throw out poor quality photos or ones with duplicates. Keep the ones that you love the most.

Get rid of any old/expired or unused make-up, toiletries and medication.

Throw out or donate (if suitable) any clothes, shoes, socks, underwear, jewellery, bags, purses and accessories that are old, damaged, uncomfortable or you just don’t use.

Donate any damaged or excess linens, e.g. bed-sheets, throws, tablecloths, towels, etc. For example, for each bed you only need 2 bed-sheets—one to be on the bed whilst the other is in the wash.

Throw away the cables and wires that you don’t use or need or you’ve forgotten their purpose. Don’t keep them “just in case”. If they’ve been sat in a draw for years without you needing them, it’s very unlikely that you’ll need them in the future.

Donate excess glassware, cutlery and dinnerware. Choose a reasonable number of each item to have, taking into account how many people live with you.

Donate any unused kitchen appliances.

Throw away out-of-date food and donate anything that you’re not going to eat to a food bank.

Donate decorations and ornaments that don’t add value to your life or don’t “spark joy”. Some ideas for decorations that you could declutter include: cushions, paintings, plants, candles, clocks and vases.

Get rid of unused pens, pencils, paperclips, memory pens, post-it notes, notepads, files and desk organisers. Phew, that’s a list and a half!

Scrap any DIY projects that you’ve been meaning to finish for months but you haven’t gotten round to it. If you haven’t finished them by now you probably aren’t going to complete them.

Donate equipment for past hobbies that no longer interest you.

Since these are only suggestions, if any of the things I’ve mentioned above add value to your life, then there’s no need to get rid of them! A general rule of thumb I use is that if I neither use it, need it nor love it then it can go. I hope that I’ve given you some ideas of things to declutter next!


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