DIY lavender linen spray


Linen sprays are a bit of a luxury, but don’t we deserve to treat ourselves every once in a while?

This linen spray is so simple to make and smells absolutely amazing. I used lavender essential oil, not only for its lovely scent, but also for its wonderful properties. Lavender is said to calm nervous feelings and help relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression. It is also believed that lavender can ease pain from headaches and helps you unwind and relax.

It’s best to use an amber (or another dark coloured) glass bottle to protect the essential oil from ultra-violet light. Also, the vodka isn’t necessary but, without it the spray won’t last nearly as long.


  • 10ml vodka
  • 30ml water
  • 10 drops of essential oil

You will also need:

  • 50ml glass spray bottle
  • funnel


  1. Measure out the vodka and water and pour into a jar.
  2. Add about 6 to 10 drops of the essential oil until you’re happy with its strength.
  3. Using a funnel, pour the mixture into a glass spray bottle.
  4. Shake well before each use to ensure that the essential oil is dissolved within the mixture.

I enjoy spraying this on my clothes to give them a fresh burst of fragrance. Also, I often spray this on my bed sheets to help me relax and fall asleep at night.


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