The life-changing magic of to-do lists

I love to-do lists. My day wouldn’t be right if I hadn’t planned it out first.

For me, there are four major benefits of using to-do lists:

In the morning, without writing down everything I need to do that day, I’d definitely forget something. That’s why, at the start of every day, I like to have a relaxed brain dump of all my outstanding tasks, while I take sips from my mug of delicious green tea.

If you write down your to-dos then you’ll get everything you need to do that day done, you’ll never be late for appointments and you’ll be able to manage your time easily.


Writing down my tasks and goals makes me more inclined to take action and therefore complete and accomplish them. There have been several studies which have proven that people who write down their goals are more likely to achieve more in life. Thinking about them isn’t the same. Get a pen and paper or open up your favourite to-do list app and start writing!
Following from what I said earlier, the relaxed brain dump and my mug of hot green tea allow for a serene start to the day. This starts a domino effect, meaning that the rest of my day runs smoothly too, which helps me be much more productive.

I’m sure we all feel this – the marvellous satisfaction of ticking off a completed task. Surely that’s all the convincing you need!

I love to see my progression throughout the weeks and months. To-do lists allow me to continuously set achievable goals, which enables me to learn more and flourish. Surely you don’t want to drift aimlessly through life? Then set your tasks and goals and watch yourself achieve and grow.

This is what my typical to-do list looks like.

I like to have all my goals and tasks on one page so that each time I look at it, I can make sure that I’m working towards everything on there.

Considering just how much I love to-do lists, I often plan my day to a tee. When I do, I use something like this.

I make sure to include specifics, such as when I need to leave the house and how long I’ll be out. Perhaps I do this ’cause I’m a bit of an organisation freak. Haha. But it certainly helps with time management and makes me more efficient at completing important tasks within a certain time period.

All in all, I hope that I’ve given you some good reasons to make to-do lists (and haven’t weirded you out too much from my love of to-do lists and my need to plan my day so specifically).


2 thoughts on “The life-changing magic of to-do lists

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  1. I agree, writing things down is great motivation. I set monthly goals in different areas, but I’ve ditched as-long-as-your-arm to-do lists. I was findig them too overwhelming and they didn’t help me focus on what I really needed to make happen. I’ve changed things up and now work on a short list specific to each day. I outline my approach here –


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