Decluttering your digital space

It’s about time we got into a potentially more daunting decluttering task: your digital space. For such small devices, they hold an amazing amount of stuff. Depending on how organised your digital space is already, this could take some time. But, completing it will feel incredibly rewarding and satisfying.

And so, here are some things to consider to simplify your digital space.

Tidy the dock on your computer. Only keep the applications that you use frequently. This way, it’s easier to find the apps that you use most often and it looks much neater.

Remove all files from your desktop. Look through all your files on your desktop and move them into recognisable folders in Documents, Music, Pictures, etc. Not only will this look nicer, but it will also prevent your computer from unnecessarily slowing down and it will be much easier to find your files later.

Clear your downloads folder. Delete any files that you no longer need. If there are files that you need to keep, organise them into folders out of your downloads folder. In the future, whenever you download a document to view it only once, get into the habit of deleting it straight after you’ve looked at it. Also, delete any downloaded applications as soon as you’ve installed them.

Sort through your old documents and delete any that you no longer need or want. Organise the rest into easily identifiable folders.

Empty your computer’s trash regularly. This will free up storage space on your hard drive.

Unsubscribe/unfollow from emails or people that no longer interest you, cause you to waste time, make you feel down or cause you to impulse buy. If you’re feeling brave enough, even delete your accounts for certain social media. You’ll feel so much freer and notice how much more spare time you have.

Achieve inbox zero. Sort through your emails and delete any that aren’t needed. Organise the emails that you need into designated folders.

Delete any mobile apps that you don’t use and organise the rest into folders.

Go through your contacts list and delete any that you no longer talk to. Be honest with yourself. Are you really going to need the number for someone you haven’t spoken to in three years … just in case?

Upload your photos onto your computer so that you can delete them off your phone and camera and free up storage space. Then, sort through your photos and delete any that have duplicates, are blurry or don’t “spark joy”.



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