Things I no longer buy

When I first started on my journey towards minimalism, I focussed on decluttering my house of unnecessary stuff. But now, I’m also trying to reduce what I bring into my home. It’s disheartening to put in so much time and effort to declutter your home, only for it to be filled again with too much stuff a few months later. So now, I put a lot more thought into what I buy and I’ve even found some things that I can live without.

Drinks. I no longer consume fizzy drinks or fruit juice. The former is just overall bad for you and the latter, despite being one of your five a day, usually contains a ridiculous amount of sugar so is bad for your teeth. I prefer to get my five a day through whole fruits and veg. Now, I mainly drinking water and occasionally have almond milk on cereal and in hot chocolate. Having water as your main beverage, not only saves money but also drinking plenty of water is great for your mind and body.

Sanitary towels/tampons. Using towels and tampons produces so much extra waste, which can easily be prevented by using reusable female hygiene products. I now use the Mooncup and have never looked back! If you’re not up for trying a menstrual cup there are alternatives, including reusable towels and period-proof underwear. Do some research and find an eco-product that’ll work best for you.

Knickknacks/trinkets. They may look nice in the shop, but I know that they will just add unnecessary clutter in my home. Soon afterwards comes the inevitable guilt when I realise that it was a waste of money buying them and I decide to throw them out. That’s why I try to follow the minimalism philosophy of buying experiences, not things.

Toothpaste. Instead, I make my own. Homemade toothpaste contains only natural ingredients so it is better for your body and the environment.

Special offers. Special offers and coupons are a manipulative way to make you buy something just for the sake of it. In the end, you’re wasting money on something that you wouldn’t normally purchase. Stick to taking advantage of special offers and coupons for things that you already buy.

Plastic bags. I always bring my own bags when I go shopping. Even if you buy just one bag each time you’re shopping, they’ll soon add up. Overall, it’s better for the environment and for your wallet.

I hope that I’ve given you some ideas about what you can stop buying so that you can live simpler and more intentionally.


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