Decluttering your paper

Now that nearly everything can be digitised and safely backed up on a computer, it is so much easier to live without paper.

Clearing paper out of your life and doing your best to keep it out will not only help you live simpler but will also greatly benefit the environment. You’ll be more organised and less overwhelmed by stuff. Additionally, you’ll help reduce deforestation and loss of habitats, and also lessen air and water pollution.

Without any further ado, here are my tips on decluttering paper:

Scan your photos onto your computer and only keep hard copies of the ones that you love the most.

Look through your old birthday cards, pick out the ones that mean the most to you and recycle the rest. You could scan the cards you want to keep onto your computer or put them in a scrapbook.

Sign up for online banking and switch to e-documents, where you’ll receive all your bank statements online.

Recycle any appliance manuals for products that no longer have a warranty. There’s no need to keep them since you can find all their information online.

Get rid of any old receipts that you no longer need. Scan or take photos of receipts that you need to keep for your records and then get rid of the paper copy.

Recycle any unused or unneeded notebooks, scrap paper and post-it notes.

Instead of buying calendars, use the calendar on your phone or computer.

Stop buying newspapers and magazines. As an alternative, you could download a news app.

Get rid of any takeaway menus that you don’t use or can find online.

Sort through your old school notes and drawings and only keep what still interests you or sparks joy.


6 thoughts on “Decluttering your paper

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  1. Great tips. I work from home and sometimes I get overwhelmed at the paper that starts creeping in. Some of these documents are checklists that need work, reports, etc. What are your tips in figuring out what to toss or keep?

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    1. To be honest if I’m unsure on what I can/can’t get rid of I’ll give it a quick internet search. For checklists, I’d make a digital copy so I can recycle the paper one. Records are a bit of a pain. But I found this website which advises you on how long you need to keep certain records:
      I don’t own my own business so I’m not sure of the different documents you might own and the importance of them, but hopefully that link helps you out! xo


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