8 ways you can use your unused notebooks

Do you have too many notebooks? I do. In fact, I’m amazed at how many I’ve managed to accumulate over the years. But now, I am determined to start using them. I know that it’ll take a while to get through them, but I can’t wait for the satisfaction of completing a notebook!

Here are a few ways that I make use of my notebooks:

Daily journal. It’s great to write down your thoughts and feelings for the day so that you can reflect on them later. This journal is also a place to write down your experiences for that day so that you can look back one day and vividly relive those memories.

Gratitude diary. Write down anything that you’re grateful for. This will let you live more mindfully and be more appreciative of what you have. It will lift your mood and make you more positive. Try to write down three to five new things each day so that you can really get the most out of this diary for your mood and mental well-being.

To do lists. I love lists! I always make a list of everything I need to do for a certain day or week in order to keep myself organised and stress free.

Planner. Another way to stay organised is to keep track of all your dates and appointments.

Goals and aspirations diary. Where do you want to be in five years from now? What do you want to have achieved by next month? Make a note of it and work hard towards these goals. It’s inspiring to be able to see your accomplishments and growth, and how close you are to achieving your other goals.

Dream diary. You forget your dreams soon after waking up so write them down so that you can reflect on them, figure out their meaning and become more connected with yourself. You can use your dream diary as a source of creativity or a few fun stories to tell your friends.

Creative ideas diary. Whenever a creative idea pops into your head, write it down so that you don’t forget it. These could be ideas for writing, photography, a new recipe to try or DIY projects.

Get rid of them. If you have a ridiculous amount of notebooks and it isn’t realistic that you’ll use them all, then offer them to your friends and family or donate them. There’s no need to keep things that are not adding value to your life.


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