5 things to declutter

I have recently started on my journey towards minimalism and intentional living. For me, decluttering is freeing and calming. Being in a decluttered environment allows me to relax rather than feel overwhelmed and distracted when there’s too much stuff. Often, when you have so much stuff, it’s difficult to know where to start and so here are some easy things that you can declutter right now.

Duplicates. Do you really need 3 measuring jugs? 16 towels? 10 bed sheets? Only keep what is necessary, you can donate the rest.

Clothes. Take out all of your clothes from your wardrobe, pick up each item and ask yourself: do I wear this? If the answer is no, then that clothing can go. Keep the clothes that fit you, make you feel confident and that you love. Donate the rest and let them add value to someone else’s life.

Medication and toiletries. If you have any medication or toiletries that are either expired or you don’t use, then throw them out. You can safely dispose of medication by taking it to your local pharmacy. If your toiletries haven’t been opened them either check with friends and family to see if they want them or donate them.

Stationary. Go through your stationery drawer and get rid of any pens that have dried out. Sort out your notebooks and either give them a purpose, such as a planner or journal, or donate/get rid of them. Get rid of any excess little things that you have accumulated, such as paper clips, erasers and staples.

Digital clutter. Unsubscribe from any emails that no longer interest you or cause you to impulse buy. This will save you time and money. Clear your inbox. Clear your desktop. Empty your downloads folder. Unfollow anyone on social media who no longer suits your interests. Delete any apps on your phone that you no longer use.

After you’ve decluttered these things you should already feel more free and hopefully you’ll be keen to continue your journey in simplifying your life.


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